ind Like Water Software


What does Mind Like Water Software do?

Mind Like Water Softwre is a small software solutions company based just outside Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Our company is dedicated to providing high quality software at a reasonable price. We aim to provide tailored solutions using tools that are freely available or by utilising the software that our customers are already using. Mind Like Water Software does not work on commission from software suppliers and so can provide an impartial, open minded assessment of each scenario; creating a solution that is specific only to the customers needs. Our solutions are developed and documented to the highest software standards and are owned by the customer on completion. As a result the customer is not bound to Mind Like Water Software for further development of the solution or for future enhancements.

I only need a simple fix not a full software solution. Can you help?

Probably. Mind Like Water Software can provide a spreadsheet or a web application, a backup script or a database design, a document template or an auto mailing system. So if you have a problem with Excel or would like to extend your web site, want to protect your Access database or work with SQL Server, want to use Word more productively or, really want to use Word more productively then why not get in touch.

What experience does Mind Like Water Software have?

The development staff at Mind Like Water Software have more that 15 years of experience working in the IT industry for high street names like Vodafone, the Post Office, Nationwide Building Society and Bank of Ireland. Furthermore they have also worked for the defence and aerospace industries, monitored by some of the most demanding software quality standards employed anywhere. As a result we are confident that our software is maintainable, extendible and (most importantly) reliable.

The staff at Mind Like Water Software have worked on various platforms and architectures including Windows and Linux on the desktop and the server, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Apache, IIS, Word, Excel and Access to develop applications in ASP, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more. Languages used include C, C#, PHP, Visual Basic/VBA/VBS, Perl, unix scripting, T-SQL and SQL.

How much does Mind Like Water Software's services cost?

From nothing to as much as you are prepared to pay! If the solution is immediately obvious from our first contact and requires minimal effort to provide then it will be provided at no cost. If the solution will require more investigation, analysis or development then a funding package will be agreed in advance; this package may be fixed cost, variable rate or variable rate capped depending on the customer requirements but it will always match your budget.

How can I contact Mind Like Water Software?

Our preference is that you get in touch through the website here. If you don't wish to provide personal details then that is fine but please try to provide as much detail as possible in your query. For example, if asking about a problem with a piece of software, please include the software version (usually found by selecting About … on the Help menu). If you don't want to use the message board then send an e-mail to <Mind Like Water queries>. This account is monitored though the response may not be as prompt as it will be through the website.

What does Mind Like Water mean?

Mind Like Water is taken from the book ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen. It's described as the Zen state of clarity where all distractions are removed and the mind is concentrated on only one goal. The book is recommended reading for anyone who feels that they are not getting things done because of everything they have to do!